In to the depths

In to the depths

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these characters.
Both ‘The Cask Of Amontillado’ and ‘Frankenstein’ are of the Gothic genre. The Gothic genre is similar to that of horror as they both contain similar emotions, like; fear, the feeling of being isolated, and being claustrophobic. In a Gothic or Horror story you are likely to find; death and disturbing characters, i.e. The Creation, you would also find different themes i.e. a haunted house, a cave or labyrinth.

The Monster in Frankenstein in my opinion is portrayed in both a good and bad way. For example: “When night fell, if there was any moonlight, I went to the forest and collected food for myself and wood for their fire. When I returned, I swept the snow away from their front door, if it was necessary, as I had seen Felix do.” This shows he is doing good deeds for a family who he has only known a few day’s by watching them outside there house to learn about them and the language they speak. This proves that if good thing’s happen to him then he won’t do bad thing’s back. He is also portrayed in a bad way, for example; “Humans were my enemies, and from that moment I declared everlasting war against them, and especially against that man who had me made me and sent me out into the world to live in misery.” The Creation said this because of what happened at the cottage, he is also said this about Frankenstein fir creating him, this show’s his anger and frustration to the humans and Frankenstein.

Monstresor in ‘The Cask Of Amontillado’ is the main character who is out to take revenge on a character called Fortunato, he vowed revenge on Fortunato for insulting him, the insult I don’t know therefore sympathise for Fortunato.
In my opinion I think that Montresor...

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