INB 205 courses / snaptutorial

INB 205 courses / snaptutorial

INB 205 Entire Course

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INB 205 Week 1 CheckPoint Foreign Investment Presentation

INB 205 Week 1 DQs

INB 205 Week 2 Assignment Foreign Exchange Markets Summary

INB 205 Week 2 CheckPoint International Relationships Table (Appendix B)

INB 205 Week 3 CheckPoint South Korea Socio cultural Report

INB 205 Week 3 DQs

INB 205 Week 4 Assignment Introduction to International Labor Memo

INB 205 Week 4 CheckPoint Exchange Rates Research

INB 205 Week 5 CheckPoint Population Growth Rates Report

INB 205 Week 5 DQs

INB 205 Week 6 Assignment WalMart Takes on the World Minicase

INB 205 Week 6 CheckPoint Market Screening for Final Project

INB 205 Week 7 CheckPoint Export Documentation Matrix (Appendix C)

INB 205 Week 7 DQ 1

INB 205 Week 7 DQ 2

INB 205 Week 8 Assignment Lunch and Learn Presentation

INB 205 Week 8 CheckPointCh 20 Questions

INB 205 Week 9 capstone DQ

INB 205 Week 9 Final Project Export Business Plan


INB 205 Week 1 CheckPoint Foreign Investment Presentation-Please Add Own Images

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• Due Date: Day 5 [post to the Individual forum]
• Consider the following scenario: You work for a company that manufacturers
skateboards. Until now your company has only sold their skateboards domestically, but
now the CEO is interested in exporting the skateboards to Australia. The CEO asks you
to design a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present at the next board of directors’
meeting. This presentation will serve to educate the directors in the matters of foreign
investment and international investment theory. At the end of the presentation, you must
make a recommendation of whether or not you think the company should enter the
foreign market and support your...

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