Incedent on Road

Incedent on Road

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➢ Introduction.
➢ Easy availability of automobiles.
➢ Reckless driving.
➢ Ditches on roads.
➢ Measures
➢ Maintenance of traffic rules
➢ Fines for law-breakers.
➢ Conclusion.

Accidents have become a grave concern in our daily life. With the increasing population of our country, the number of cars and the two-wheelers driven on roads have increased. Uses of automobiles are increasing at an alarming rate but roads are not maintained properly and traffic problems are usually not solved.
Today several automobiles are available at easy installments, so every person including people who do not even know how to drive are buying them. When latest cars and bikes fall into the hands of young riders, they drive recklessly without maintaining traffic rules. They do not consider the speed limits in a busy city road. Very often traffic signals are broken by such drivers but they are far off before the traffic police or sergeants can catch them.
Besides reckless driving, roads are also not taken care of. There are several cracks on its either sides. Often big ditches are formed due to passing of heavy loaded trucks and trailers and also accumulation of water due to heavy rainfall. These roads are not reconstructed or repaired by the local government of the area which results in many deadly accidents. This in turn results in death of many people everyday that faces such accidents. Rickshaws, cycles, and bikes as well as buses and trucks are over-turned when their wheels fall into these big ditches, which make a life risk to many persons. Many roads in India have no footpaths for the pedestrians. As a result of which they walk on main roads. So many people are run-over by speedy vehicles in every states of the country.
In order to minimize accidents on roads, certain drawbacks of our country must be amended by the governments well as the citizens. Roads must be kept under proper supervision at regular...

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