Incentive Travel Agency Ansoff

Incentive Travel Agency Ansoff

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Summit Management Group (SMG)

Strategic and B2B Marketing Assignment

Step 1.

Summit Management Group ( Starting our business in 2003 mainly as incentive travel agency we became one of Russian top incentive travel and event management agencies nowadays, providing unique business-driving experiences.
Our business niche is corporate, B2B marketing events, conferences, meetings and incentive travel, both domestically and worldwide.
All of our clients, diverse as they are, share one common characteristic. It's their understanding that company is people and investing in relationship is investing in company future. That's where creative potential and strategic effectiveness of SMG come into demand.

Our customers include APC, Bacardi-Martini, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Janssen Cilag, McDonalds, Philips, Schneider Electric, Unomedical, View Sonic, Xerox to name just a few.
Summit Management Group is well known within IT society and related sectors. Each event being produced by SMG becomes a communication vehicle for our service offer at the same time. Thanks to the specifics of IT business during an event the highly concentrated audience of SMG prospective clients have the opportunity to meet with and evaluate the highest level of service, management skills and creativity of SMG. This kind of experiential communication creates a demand within IT and related sectors. It became a matter of prestige and quality to name SMG as an event supplier. We became, so to say, a “HUGO BOSS” suit for our customer’s incentive and b2b events programs, and a strategic partner for many of them at the same time.
Growth strategy for SMG
To grow evolutionary within the existing market and product mix, maintaining the same famous SMG high quality level, moving towards offering integrated solutions.
Ansoff Matrix for SMG
Markets/ Products Existing Products New Products
• Corporations
• Businesses • Conferences,...

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