What would you do if your little brother was getting scolded by your grandma just because he forgot to finish up a chore in the house then was just punished right after? Well, I would back up my brother and scold her back.

In the morning, the sun rose and the sky was clear and white clouds were in the sky. To me it felt like it is going to be a great day. To let you know I have a little brother called Michael. At times when we talk about chores, he gets really lazy. I was playing with my computer in my room. I finished all my chores that needed to be done. My little brother had chores also. Well, he did finish his chores earlier than I did. My little brother was watching me use the computer. I was playing games online with it. The game was called Warcraft III Frozen Throne. It's kind of, like a War game and its fun to play with friends.

While I was playing, my grandma screamed really loud. She yelled out loud "Michael!!" Michael and I didn't know what was going on and what happened. When my grandma screams then there must be something wrong. Michael ran down quickly and said "I'm coming." After she yelled " Why didn't you dust off the living room?" That was part of Michael's chore today. Michael forgot and he followed my grandma to the living room and felted dust everywhere. Besides it was his first time forgetting. Michael felt like he was shrinking. My grandma started to look very tall and he had shrunk to my grandma's hand.

Michael listened to her. He quickly went to get a towel and soaked it with water. He started to dust of the dusts from the living room. Michael was putting all his effort to make the living room as bright as a star so that my grandma wouldn't get that angry. When I was finished with my Warcraft game, I came down to the fridge to get food. That time Michael had just finished his dusting. Michael also had a bad feeling after he finished his made-up chore. I opened the fridge and my tummy started to fumble...

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