Inclusive Language-- a Few Pointers

Inclusive Language-- a Few Pointers

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Inclusive Language-- A Few Pointers

Axia College of University of Phoenix

When can writing a simple letter or note turn into an all out confrontation? Something that always needs to be remembered is to use inclusive language. After reading the post for the discussion question I could not help but notice all the discriminatory words. One key point to remember is never assume that any position of authority is held by a man. Were all the managers men? In your post you referred to the managers and their wives. Would it not have sounded better if you had written all the managers and their spouses? This way you are including men and woman. In the first sentence of the post were the words “ Business Lady ” . As soon as these words are read your rapport is lost with your audience. I suggest using the terms Business Representative. Not only does it sound better, it shows respect for the person you are referring to. The “Good old boys at the top” is referring to only the male gender. When speaking of the leaders of the company the better terms to use is Chairpersons. In using these terms not only are you speaking for the men but the woman as well. This is something that is call inclusive language. Things like this helps prevent an anger response from any of your readers. I am a woman and just like any woman I like to be included. What if I was at that same picnic and in the same crowd. I should be included as well so instead of saying the guys at the picnic , why not try everyone or even the crowd. Sounds a lot better don’t you think.
Here are a few things to remember to avoid the same mishap in the future. Never use discriminatory terms and always avoid criticizing or talking down to your audience. Doing so automatically loses popularity with the crowd. Last but not least, always know your audience. Building good rapport is extremely important. It is easily forgotten that inclusive terms are important. Double check your writing to be sure you didn’t use...

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