Increases in Drug Prices

Increases in Drug Prices

Topic: Drug Prices
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience three facts about the increasing in drug prices
Central idea: The three facts are the increase in drug prices, impact of the increase on individuals and causes of the increase in drug price.

A. Attention Getter: A patient with chronic renal failure diagnosed at a public
hospital was referred to a dialysis center operated by non-governmental charity, as facilities in the public hospital were fully taken up. She had to make an advance payment of RM270 for a week’s treatment at the first session of each week prior to the approval of government subsidy of RM50 per dialysis and an advance payment of RM 120 on the first session of each week after approval from the Health Ministry (MOH). The story above, which is daily occurrence, illustrates one of the challenges faced by patients with chronic disease.

B. Reveal Topic: The expenditure on medicines constitute a major
proportion of healthcare costs in developing countries, and Malaysia is no exception, and this is the topic of my presentation. It is also one of the hot issues to be discuss.

C. Credibility Statement:

1. I have been following up with recent news regards increases of drug prices in Malaysia.

2. I have read and studied increase in drugs prices and have done research on the internet.

D. Preview of Main Points:

1. First, I will discuss the increase in drug prices.
2. Second, I will discuss the impact of increase on individuals.
3. Finally, I will discuss the causes of increase in drug price.
(Transition: I will now proceed to discuss the increase in drug prices.)


A. The increases in drug prices of medicines will impact negatively on patient’s access to treatment

1. The first reason of increases in drug prices is due to changes in foreign exchange rates.
a. As patented medicines and raw materials of generics are imported mainly from North America,...

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