Indecisive Role of Media in Pakistan

Indecisive Role of Media in Pakistan



Heard in a new age movie based on the power of media in the expansion and growth of terrorism reminds a very interesting dialogue which says that ‘if the news of an incident is planned before it becomes a news then what interest will it earn can never be estimated, another one is that if the creator of a news and broadcaster of a news becomes single body then it will be that business, which no doubt, can make you a millionaire’. It’s a bitter truth that the role which our e-media is playing is miserable. Some televangelist that had made our society some what media phobic are indecisively neglect the things defined by some specific class of televangelist who are making a good bank account on monthly basis without any hesitation or sense of responsibility that they are administrators of the state’s most sensitive department which can exercise immense power in the formation of opinion for the state administration and the people of state.

What is the current status of our media?
Media, in the present age, right after the incident of Lal Masjid in the capital of Pakistan made the roots stronger and the freedom of press obtained a good representation among the all stratifications of our society. This period can be termed as the golden period for the history of the freedom of media which not only covered the hot pursuit of the capital city riots but also made a brighter position on the minds of the people of Pakistan. Some specific TV channels that were neonates in the race of fame and money became a strong force in the minds of people who made things to change in the world of politics of Pakistan. The credit in this regard goes to the Musharaf regime who cooked the recipe which proved very toxic for his self individuality. Mass media is a very powerful tool for the making of thought process among the different classes of society...

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