Indentifying Causes and Signs of Conflict

Indentifying Causes and Signs of Conflict

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Conflict Resolution Strategies
Karen D. Lee
Gen 101
Ross B. Hopkins, Ph.D.
May 5th, 2008

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Conflict among team members is inescapable; it’s a part of life to have conflicts with others. This paper will discuss identifying the Causes & Signs of Conflict & Conflict Resolution Strategies.

I. Conflict Awareness
a. Identifying Potential Signs of Conflicts
b. Identifying the Causes of Conflict
II. Different Conflict Styles
a. Accommodation
b. Avoidance
c. Collaboration
d. Compromise
e. Competition
III. Negative & Positive Side of Conflict Among Team Members
a. Negativity Side of Conflict
b. Positive Side of Conflict
IV. Two Types of Conflict Resolution Strategies
a. A-E-I-O-U Model
b. Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

Conflict Awareness

In today’s world no matter what an individual does; they will work within a team. Identifying potential signs of conflict and its causes plays a very important part when it comes to resolving conflict within a team setting. Recognizing signs such as: Tension, Frustration, Lack of Desire, and Loss of Interest can help identify conflict causes. In order to address conflict among teams one would have to recognize the signs, and causes. There could be one cause or several causes of conflict within a team. According to Bulleit (2006) Conflict within Teams are: “Poor or No Communication, Personality Conflict, and Lack of Problem Solving Skills or getting to “root cause” of team conflict” (p4).

Different Conflict Styles

It is undeniable when you’re dealing with two or more people conflict is bound to surface; No two people will have the exact same opinions. According to Thomas, Kenneth W, and Thomas (2004); there are two dimensions to take in consideration when...

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