Independent Living Project

Independent Living Project

Independent living project

Moving out and living independent from our parents are chances and challenges that we all have to face in the near future as adults. However, most of us don’t really have an insight and hardly spend any time to think seriously about this issue. We have been used to live in a carefree life where our parents are the ones who are taking care of most of these problems. The independent living project has certainly benefited us by providing us a chance to take a close look at things that we have to deal with after high school.

According to the report that I did on the budget for one month, with only the minimum wage, I couldn’t support myself for the first month. Most of my income goes into the rent and damage deposit, the rest is paid for my basic needs which are transportation and grocery. Fortunately, I still have some money in the saving account, so things turned out not that bad. When actually calculating all the expenses that I have to pay for myself in one month, it’s like a warning bell which brings the reality that I will have to face soon. Not until now that I truly understand that the amount of saving can be a life-saver in the future. Even though the project is just a rough sketch of everything I would eventually cope with, I believe that I’m given a clearer vision.

In my opinion, the project is very helpful and suitable for CALM which is a course designed to provide students knowledge to be successful in the future. To be able to live independent from our parents is a very important task as adults. Nevertheless, we’re lack of experience and we have been so used to be taken care for by our parents. Thus, we tend to handle our financial not very well. Thank to this assignment, we got a vivid image of how we should be prepare for the future life. I '' myself now have a strong motivation and determination to study hard and find a job with higher wage, plus, I will start to control my spending and put more money into...

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