India 2050

India 2050

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India and the world in 2050 - Sorry, it is not fiction!!

Today you may believe that the following can be true only in dreams. Many may think that it is fictitious. But the following may be probably true for people reading it in 2050.

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Statistics generated by different departments show tremendous decreasing trend in all the negative aspects of the society. Corruption has come down drastically. People are surprised to note that the officers in charge who earlier used to delay a very important work and extort bribes are now doing the job quite sincerely and on time. Police are making a real serious attempt to file charges against the real culprits and not harassing the innocents any more. Managers in various industries are giving appropriate recognition only to the deserving. Media houses started reporting only facts and are performing an unbiased analysis of the news. All the courts are functioning properly and people now trust the courts. The road accidents have also come down in number. People have become more disciplined. Legislation on minimum wages brought in. No child labour and bonded labour exist any more. Every work is contractually covered. Terrorists and foreign intelligence officials are ejected out of all departments and institutions. No such people can any more dare to put their foot any where. There is hence no more motivation to join terrorist organisations.
A regulatory body comes up in the country which validates any charges or claims by political parties for the correctness. For any incorrect information, the party itself with its cost will publish an apology note in the required format through all the media houses wherever the incorrect news was earlier published.
Infrastructure has been improved at a lightening pace. Water desalination plants have been set up across the entire coast of the nation and pipelines built across the country to supply clean water to even the remotest locations in the...

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