India tea

India tea

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Marketing Plan

BUSN 319
Besnik Dragovic

www.indiateHYPERLINK ""aHYPERLINK "".com is a proposed online store to be inaugurated to sell tea at a fraction of the store price. 2013 was the 19th consecutive year that consumer purchases of tea increased. The American tea market is growing rapidly. Tea sales have increased 165% over the last fifteen years. American interest in tea certainly owes some of its increase to the proliferation of gourmet coffee shops around the country in this same period. With that in mind, plus observing an increase in “tea-drinking trend” amongst consumers of all group, Meleni Maksuti and Rajah Rahman, two-tea enthusiast, decided to open an online store to take advantage of the rising demand. At India tea, the basic idea is to sell tea straight from those factories in the Indian Subcontinent, which are not yet as prominent in the tea market like Lipton, Harney & Sons etc, to the tea drinkers in North America. The website acts as a procurement step for selling the tea abroad.

Our potential clientele is divided between American & Canadian residents in the initial stage, with an aim to capture the UK market as well. We expect to easily generate sales to existing committed tea drinkers, who will immediately recognize the quality of our products and services. Marketing to such large groups who are familiar with premium teas but limits themselves in consuming due to high price of the product will emphasize our prestige-value of low prices, the sophistication of having a favorite "exotic" tea type and our wide array of potential gifts including gift baskets and tea accessories.

Given the experience of the last several years, the intrinsic qualities of tea, and the lifestyle and consumption trends that appear to have become firmly established in the marketplace, only one logical conclusion seems possible; the future for tea in...

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