Indian Culture

Indian Culture

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Dear friend,
there is a huge difference between indian and western culture.
if you are the one who is asking- which one is the best then, i would say indian culture.
some may not agree with me, but if you give a thought- then you might find me right.
Indian culture has given many things to mankind. and it is worth appreciating and thanking it:-
1. manners like respecting parents, teachers, etc, evolved from indian culture.
2. the aspect of seeing god in all- statues, stones, human, animals arised from indian mythology.
3. it has been also proved that the indian ceremonial fire- Yagna, gives many benefits to the surroundings like, clean air, peaceful atmosphere, etc.
4. various sciences like arthematic, geometry, astrology, astronomy, medicine and even physocology has been studied by indian saints.
5. surprisingly- none of the facts written in vedas has yet been proved wrong or incorrect.

i agree the features like caste system, sati, etc are wrong practices. but the fact is this also that the caste system was evolved during the later stages of krishna and not before that. sati doesn't even have a record in Veda.
the biggest flaw in indian culture that badly developed in so called Kali yuga was the authority of Brahmins, who made the rituals as they liked or what was favourable to them- even now for example: bhramins donot do "sathya narayana puja"- which cannot be performed without a brahmins in other houses.

some of the powerful advantage of indian culture compared to western:-
1. indian scientists- "saints", researched in nature and developed technology for the betterment of human life. they researched over their discoveries and invention for years and then only distributed it to humans. scientists of today have become selfish and are running after fame, and wealth.
2. indian culture of respecting elders and learning spirituality and life science gives us a way to live life and not like western people who live like animals- having sex with...

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