Indian farmer

Indian farmer

Questionnaire 1
Questionnaire 2
Questionnaire 3
Questionnaire 4
Questionnaire 5
Questionnaire 6
Questionnaire 7
Questionnaire 8
Questionnaire 9
Questionnaire 10
Summarised presentation of personal information.
Summarised presentation on consumer awareness.
Presentation of questionnaire through schedule.
Pie Chart.
Questionnaire No.-1
General Instruction-
Please tick mark ( ) ( ) in the as given against each question which is applicable in your case.

Personal Information
Sex of informant-
Male Female
Mailing Address -

Marital Status –
Married Unmarried
Number of members in the family-
1 – 3 Members 4 – 6 Members
More than – 6 Members
Monthly Income of household visited
Below ₹5000 ₹5000 – ₹10000
₹10000 - ₹15000 Above ₹15000
Product Information
Which washing powder do you like most?
Surf Excel Tide Gari Ariel Wheel Fena Rin Vidisha Any Other
Price paid for the sachet/1k.g of washing powder

Why do you use this ? Because
It is available at all shops
It is available at resonable price
It is used by friends and relatives
I have special preference for it
Why do you like this product?
Quality Fragrance Packaging
Do you think that this product is easily available?

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