Indian Plywood and Laminates market

Indian Plywood and Laminates market

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Plywood and Laminates Market in India Driven by Increasing Demand from Housing Market

The demand has increased due to growing significance of new construction industry. Plywood and laminates have become an indispensable part of big and evolving markets like real-estate market, furniture market, modular kitchen market as well as the flooring market.

The report titled “Indian Plywood and Laminates market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” provides an insight into the Plywood and Laminates market in India with focus on applications of plywood and laminates. The report assesses the market sizing and growth of the Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry over the years with detailed analysis. This report analyzes this market and its market segments and major end user markets. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry, major trends and challenges faced by manufacturers of plywood and laminates. Further, major producers like Century Plywood, Greenply Plywood, National Plywood and Kitply Plywood are also analysed in the report.

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This 68-pages research study reveals-

1. Overview of Indian Plywood and Laminate Industry
2. Market Sizing: Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry
3. Plywood and Laminates Market by Application
4. Competitive Landscape- Indian Plywood and Laminates market.
5. Major players in the industry
6. Product coverage- Plywood, Laminates, MDF
7. End Market coverage- Furniture Market, Modular Kitchen Market, Wooden Flooring Market

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The Indian plywood and laminates industry manufactures various engineered woods like plywood, laminates, MDF and veneers. Plywood is the most demanded product of this industry followed by laminates. MDF on the...

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