Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana the name of Indianapolis comes from our state name Indiana and the Greek work for city apolis. The population of Indianapolis is 6,271,973 also Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the United States of America. In 1821, the general assembly founded Indianapolis as the state capital. Alexander Ralston was placed in charge of designing the new state capital. The original plan for Indianapolis was for only one square mile, the city was placed in the middle of Indiana. Then he placed the governor’s circle in the middle of the city where they soon placed the governor’s mansion. However there was no governor that had lived in the mansion because of the lack of privacy so it was destroyed and now it is recognized as monuments circle.

Indianapolis use to be a swamp area called Fall Creek Settlement. George Pogue was believed to be the first European settler in 1819.

The Madison Indianapolis Railroad service began in October of 1847 with more connections of the railroad the town enlarged and population increased. Automobile companies such as Daesen Burg, Marlion, Shults, and National lead the city production. Indianapolis rivaled Detroit for a few years. The city was becoming a major hub of regional transportation.

Indianapolis has a uni-government system. This is the consolidation between city and county government establish in 1970.

The system consists of a mayor Greg Ballard and a city-county council. The county council has 29 seats. The president is Bob Cockrum.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is not only a large industry but a high recreational attraction. It was first built in 1909. The Indiana Motor Speedway is expected to bring in $100 million in its motor GP events in 2008.

Top performing companies in Indy include Anthem Inc., Conseci Inc., Eli Lilly & Company, Gudant corp., Duke Realty Corp., Hunt construction group, National Win and Spirits, and Simmon Property. Some of its major...