Individual assignment

Individual assignment

GABRIELLA GOODFIELD has completed the Firefighter Employment Scenario
with the following responses:
Although it's not clear in the story whether an associates degree is a precondition for taking the exam, in your opinion, should a degree be
a requirement to sit for the exam?
Why or why not?
I firmly believe that there are times that on the job experience can be equal to a associates degree.

Based on the fact that Doug and Sam earned the first and second highest test scores, is it a reasonable assumption that the city of Davis
will add Doug and Sam to the certification list?
Why or why not?
The first two highest test score shows that they know their jobs and should be certification. If their names are not added to the list then this
could mean that race and color of the skin had something to do with it.

Can the City successfully defend itself on the basis of "disparate impact?"
Why or why not?
The city did show that there are inadequate numbersof candidates from the minority race that are up for promotion. In addition Sam stated
there is a balnce of all races.

Under what circumstances may racial discrimination be proved by "disparate impact?"
Under normal conditions the disparate impact can be proven through the statistical data that contains the employers employment pratices.
If statistical proven that there is an imbalance of race then the person who is charging/sueing the company has a good case. Meanining in
this case the fire department and the city have no record of havining an imbalance.

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