individual ethics reflection

individual ethics reflection

MGT 6630


Topic: Individual Ethics Reflection

1. This assignment is aimed to link students’ personal values and ethical convictions with their potential role towards the practice of business ethics in their future corporate environment.

2. The assignment should consist of 3 parts as follows;
a. Reflection of your personal values and ethical convictions and how they were shaped.
b. Based on part (a) above, identify at least 1 (it can be more) ethical issue/area that mostly close to your heart that you would support and contribute to throughout your life including in your future career as corporate executive. (Examples of these ethical issues/areas can be found in the ‘Value Shift’ article used in the class earlier). You should be able to link the choice of this ethical issue/area to your discussion in part (a) above. Survey the literature on the various ‘bad’ practices and ‘best’ practices by corporations in this issue/area. In your discussion of the ‘bad’ and ‘best’ practices of corporations, elaborate on the lessons that can be learnt in terms of the impact and importance of business ethics.
c. In the light of your discussion in part (a) and (b) above, propose an ethics programmes/initiatives that you would want to introduce as part of your commitment to business ethics in your future organization. You should elaborate in detail how your proposed programmes/initiatives will be implemented, the objectives and targets, the impact of such programmes/initiatives to the target groups, and the potential benefits/costs of the programmes/initiatives to your organization.

3. Make sure you link the discussion in the assignment to the theories/concepts we discuss in the class.

4. write a two (2) page assignment outline to be submitted by 14 March 2014 to my e-mail address and should have the following:
a. Tentative title (this should reflect the overall focus of your...

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