Individual Values

Individual Values

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Personal Values

September 30, 2010
Jeffrey Grogan

Personal Values
Personal values can be viewed as a belief, mission, or a viewpoint that is meaningful to the individual (Posner, 2010). We all have a set of values that determines our decisions, and guides our lives. Just as individuals subscribe to values, so do organizations. These organizational values make-up the organization and becomes a part of their culture. Whether these values are good or bad, the organization will take on these behaviors and actions. This paper will identify my personal values as they compare or contrast to that of Kudler Fine Foods and how it will affect my performance, if I was a manager working for them.
Individual Personal Values
Each individual's values are developed through their life experiences. This is especially true for me. My personal values were taught to me by my family and I still hold them true to this day. I have incorporated these values in the way I deal with business. My values are simple, right is right and wrong is wrong. I take pride in helping each customer and driving high customer satisfaction through hard work. I treat all of my assigned personnel fair and with respect. I believe in working within a team environment and strive to develop strong interpersonal relationships. These values have made me a successful manager, in all places which I have worked.
According to the Williams Institute, Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI), my ethical awareness score places me in the category of obligation (University of Phoenix, 2010). Obligation ethics concentrates on a person's duty or obligation to do what is ethically right (University of Phoenix, 2010). My management style also reflects this value. As a manager, I prided myself by the ethical decisions I have made. Sometimes these decisions favored the customers and sometimes they did not. They were always made on a case by case basis. I believe that even though I might lose a sale, a satisfied...

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