Indoor farming to witness revolution with the introduction of smart lighting solution

Indoor farming to witness revolution with the introduction of smart lighting solution

With the help of smart lighting the agriculture industry has successfully built effective indoor farming methods. These industries have optimized the aeroponic systems for faster harvest cycle. The smart LED provides with a precise recipe for the healthy growth of each kind of plant. Smart lighting technology enables the scientists to set the specific spectrum, frequency and intensity required for photosynthesis in the most energy efficient way.

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Not only in vegetation and green farming but smart lighting can also be used by the animal husbandry such as poultry farms, cattle breading, etc. Increasing number of skyscrapers across the globe acquiring the flat landscape innovation in vertical farming was very important. Smart methods of cultivation and harvesting would enhance the food quality and also reduce the dependency of the farmers on the climate and natural hazards. Various Clinical organization are working on the projects to make farming more effective with the use of smart lighting solutions.

Recently various new indoor farms were established in Rohde Island, New Jersey, Ontario and New York. Also the United States Department of Agriculture has invested $2.44 Mn in a project referred to the research over the developing LED lighting technologies and practices for sustainable crop production. This research study is aimed at the advancement of LEDs as an artificial lighting source in greenhouse. The main agenda is to improvise the productivity of greenhouse by reduction of energy consumption.

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With the introduction of smart agriculture using smart lighting would be an evolutionary form of urban farming and space for growing crops will not be the major concern especially in American countries where the government claims...

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