Inductors Market Size & Industry Analysis by 2021

Inductors Market Size & Industry Analysis by 2021

An Inductor is an electronic component with one or more turns of wire and typically having two terminals. Inductors are used to control the inductance in an electronic device. The Inductors market deals with the demand and supply, production and scope of the inductors in the upcoming term 2016-2021.

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The global Inductors Market is estimated to witness rise in demand and have good sales annually by 2021. The Power Inductors segment is expected to have the highest growth due to high demand and will exhibit rapid growth during the forecast period 2016-2021.

The rise of smart grids and automotive, demand for compact and light weight devices and power-efficiency, increasing development in mobile devices, revolutionary developments in telecommunications as well as in the integration of chips raised the demand for inductors are the driving factors of the global Inductors Market.

Power transmission, automotive and telecommunications are the major end-users of inductors. North America and Asia Pacific together occupy a share of more than three quarters in 2015. APAC is the leading market for inductors with China being the most potential regional manufacturer as well as consumer of the Inductors Market suggests IndustryARC market research report.

The Inductors Market is segmented into various categories by type, by core material, by technology, by industry and by geography in the market research report by IndustryARC for better understanding of the market.
• By type: coupled conductor, molded conductor, power conductor, RF conductor, common mode choke, chip inductor and others
• By core material: air, iron, ferrite, toroidal, powdered iron, ceramic and others
• By technology: wire wound (bobbin, toroidal), multilayer ferrite, multi-layer ceramic, film, laser cut and others
• By industry: semiconductors,...

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