Industrial Adjustable Portable Gantry Crane

Industrial Adjustable Portable Gantry Crane

Industrial Adjustable Portable Gantry Crane advantage

Made from heavy gauge rectangular steel tubing
Lower in cost and lighter in weight for more cost effective load transit
No need for brace legs at I-beam means greater clear span distance
Wide spans available up to 40 ft.
Capacities up to 10 tons
Resilient mold on polyurethane wheels provide smooth, easy rolling ride
Excellent portability from lightweight design
All wheels have swivel locks to hold crane firmly in place during lift operations

All gantry cranes consist of three primary components: two leg structures and the I-beam span. Unlike jib cranes which only have one support point at the base or mast, gantry cranes have both leg structures to carry the weight of the load. Most gantry cranes are a basic A-frame shape with wheels on the leg structures. Some gantry cranes allow you to configure them with a cantilever style span for transferring the load to the end in order to do assembly work or to move the load off the crane onto other conveyance equipment.One of the greatest benefits of using gantry cranes is that the load can be walked to a new location simply by rolling the entire crane to the spot. Additionally, picking up a load is as easily done. Just walk the crane to the pick-up point.We can supply any type of portal crane, such as single or double girder, semi-portal, and mobile cranes.

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