Industrial Rev

Industrial Rev

The industrial Revolution first took place in Great Britain. This was because first Great Britain had a good transportation system in the waters to transport goods back and forth and they had a solid market system. Other countries didnt trade as much as Britain. Great Britain had good financial and insurance to help aid businesses. Other countries would try to make factories like Great Britain, but none of them had good markets or management skill to do so. Also the geography of other countries weren't as good as Britain which made it harder to trade and start businesses.

Many things helped lead to the Industrial Revolution. First scientist like Wedgwood, Watt, Boulton and Darwin all shared ideas for the industry world. The population in Europe began to rise because of surpluses of food, and resistance to disease. The more people ment the more need for jobs. Trade and food supplies began to grow. Also many new businesses ideas and skills began being used. A major thing that helped lead is the invention of interchangeable parts. This led to increased manufacturing.

The Spread of the Industrial Revolution happened manly because of other countries copying Great Britain. Many business men from other countries visited Britain to observe industrial ideas. Places like France through Belgium experienced an industrial take off because of iron, cotton, steam engines and railroads. When countries experienced mass production, new machines, increase in iron, steam engines for transportation needs and the electric telegraph then thats when industries boom.

The environment Industrial Revolution impacted the environment. The populations in certain cities such as London grew so fast and so much. Some neighborhoods changed too. Some became crowded and poor slums and others were rich and wealthy. Because of overcrowding people would throw their sewage and garbage on the streets. Also the air became polluted because of burning coal. The waters started to contaminate with...

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