Industrial-era English Newspaper

Thomas Watts has James Watt developed (1763–75) an improved version of Newcomen's Steam engine. So why is this invention important? Well it is important because The steam engine is the stem of basically everything else, For example is like the legs on a horse that pulls our wagon. The horse without its legs can do anything, and the boat without the steam engine can’t move / navigate through water! Speaking of horses the steam engine can replace the horses because they horses take a lot of work and money to have them in perfect condition, but the engine with just need one need and yes one need and it is coal! Yes only coal to work, but it does have its down sides one example will be your damaging earth with pollution. Another down will be... well let’s say that the engine is sold to a lot of owners of companies and if they need coal to power the machine you need it to so the coal price will increase. So you decide if the Steam Engine is best for you? , if not keep your horses!

Middle class Citizens going Poor!
I have walk around in our town looking for a new story to write about, but then I talk to this fellow citizen. He told me the following “I was once a Good guy having a job, being happy, Earning money ect. But then those new inventions ruin my life” He cry and walked away. The problem is that since these inventions came up, the man on our town is losing jobs, when they lose their job they can’t have a house and they go poor. Are these machines making people happy or sadness?

More People, More Suffering?
Thomas Malthus’s theory is that if there are more people in our town we suffer more. My opinion is that yes we do suffer more because now we need more stuff than before because these people need stuff too!  

Crime, Just Crime and More Crime!
We have made a Report...

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