Industry: region new rapeseed listed in advance quality or better than last year

Industry: region new rapeseed listed in advance quality or better than last year

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New season rapeseed harvest immediately, from the current situation, this year's harvest rapeseed quality or common good last year, this is the reporter from rapeseed held on April 25, 2013, vegetable oil, rapeseed meal situation news conference.
Said a rapeseed processing, head of the leading enterprises of hunan province, according to the survey, the province's rape planting area is slightly reduced, but the yield must be higher than last year.It follows that rapeseed production in hunan province will be slightly higher than last year.

"Because of the country to promote planting structure adjustment, plus the low comparative benefit of rapeseed, lead to a drop in rape planting area. However, due to the good crop weather, this year since rape flower, did not appear is not conducive to the growth of local wind or heavy rain sounds very day, so, if later don't appear extreme weather, compared with last year, hunan rapeseed yield and increase by twenty percent."The above negative corporate responsibility man said.Hubei officials think the star grain and oil co., LTD, hubei planting area and yield of rapeseed will achieve this year's double increased."Hubei rapeseed output is expected to better than last year.", director of zhejiang province rapeseed oil mechanical equipment ( such as argues that local rapeseed planting area is less than last year, but the quality is better than last year, the yield increase.

Many oil companies, said an official with the new season rapeseed listed generally ahead of time.
Rapeseed listed "new season time will be earlier than usual. Experience from previous years, hunan province general rapeseed listed time on early June. Due to this year's temperature is higher, rapeseed will time to market, expected on May 20, local rapeseed can be listed."The official said.

According to media reports, parts of anhui, sichuan and other provinces have begins, rapeseed have open the new season.Nearly two...

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