Industry Waste Heat steam Boiler manufacturer

Industry Waste Heat steam Boiler manufacturer

Waste heat boiler is designed to achieve optimum performance given the heat available and the boiler output required.

Waste heat boiler can operate in a range of applications recovering heat which is produced as a by-product of another process, for example Combined Heat and Power projects and incineration.

ZG waste heat boilers are individually designed to suit each unique installation, the design team being the leading authority in this field. The boilers are designed to achieve optimum performance given the heat available and the boiler output required. Both waste heat steam boiler and waste heat hot water boiler are available with outputs up to 16000 kgs/hr / 9600 kW.

ZG also design and manufacture composite boilers. These have a gas or oil fired burner as the primary energy source, supplemented by waste heat when available. Alternatively waste heat may be the primary source topped up by a burner when required.

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Since its inception on 1945, ZG Industries has established a world-wide reputation as a leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial process steam generation—both fired industry steam boiler and unfired waste heat boilers.

Their unique controlled circulation, counter-flow design offers many operational advantages and benefits over conventional boilers. ZG Industries' design principles and the use of the latest technology in its control systems make them the favorite choice in today's high efficiency energy markets.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving your both water tube steam boiler and fire tube boiler needs with our professional and experienced staff. For industrial steam boiler information, please see our Boiler and Steam Basics.

The company is headquartered in City of Industry,and has major manufacturing facilities located in China, Belgium and Mexico to serve its diverse...

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