Inequality, Hate Groups, and Tolerance

Inequality, Hate Groups, and Tolerance

Running Head: Inequality, Hate Groups, and Tolerance

Inequality, Hate Groups, and Tolerance
Michael VanArsdale
Ivy Tech Community College

This paper examines the hate groups located in the State of Indiana and the surrounding states. Also discussed are programs designed to educate the youth about hate groups, and how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. The availability of “hate music” is another topic briefly discussed. Alex Curtis’ dreams of a revolution to overthrow the United States government and install a government based on race is discussed in order to enlighten people on how serious the hate movement in this country has become.

Inequality, Hate Groups, and Tolerance
Located within the borders of the State of Indiana are at least twenty four (24) different hate groups that conduct their business on a daily basis. There are twenty nine (29) of these groups operating in the State of Illinois, thirty two (32) in Ohio, fifteen (15) in Kentucky, and thirty five (35) operating in Michigan. (SPLC)
Of the twenty four (24) hate groups operating in the State of Indiana, there are four (4) “White Nationalist” groups located in Roanoke, Kokomo, Indianapolis, and Carmel. These groups operate with the belief that the white race is superior to all non-white races sometimes using violence as a means of keeping other non-white groups down. (SPLC)
On the other side of the spectrum operates one (1) “Black Separatist” group in Indianapolis known as the Nation of Islam. This group operates under an anti-white and anti-Semitic ideology. They are strongly opposed to integration and racial intermarriage. This group has also been known for using violence against non-black races. (SPLC)
After looking through the information on the Southern Poverty Law Center website, it is quite obvious that racism is still a major concern in the United States. The toleration of these groups and their promotion of hatred toward fellow human beings are...

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