Infection, Health Effects and Prevention
Rafael Edgar Puente Roca
Student ID 000489599
Western Governors University

Part A
1- Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to inform about infection health effects on humans and how to prevent it. At the end of the presentation all staff members will be able to know how infection affects human health and how to prevent it.
2- Audience: A group of nurses, medical assistants, and certified nursing assistant personnel at an outpatient medical facility. All will benefit from knowing effect of infection not only on patient’s health but also on healthcare workers and how to prevent it.
3- Significance: Infection affects every day to millions of people around the world. Its effects on patient’s health is enormous and it is one of the leading causes of disability and morbidity. Implementing appropriate infection control measures is also very important for prevention of diseases spread not only in healthcare facility but also in our communities.

Infection, health effects and prevention
Presentation Plan

Audience hook: Infections affects millions of humans every day. Some infections are very mild a like common cold but very grave and invalidating like Ebola or HIV.  Patients and healthcare personnel are both exposed to the same pathogen therefore the importance of following some basic personal protection rules not only to protect healthcare worker but the community as a whole preventing in that way its dissemination.
Thesis Statement: Research suggest that infection not only causes an increase in morbidity and mortality on humans but also can be prevented in many cases by an effective use of Infection Control Measures.
Preview of Main points:
     1- Infection affects human health by increasing morbidity and mortality.
     2. Infection can be prevented in many cases by an effective use of infection control...

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