Infectious iease

Infectious iease

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SCI/ 162

Infectious Disease
Clostridium Per Fringes

The infectious agent is called spore foaming bacteria. I find this kind of funky because the spores that
are on the bacteria can live in high heat while meats are being cooked. The infectious bacteria can be
transmitted through food mostly through poorly cook meats and poultry. It also can be found in
foods that are cooked properly but left out on counters for long periods of time. I have worked in
kitchens where it can get really busy and there are times when I have forgot to put foods away in a
reasonable time frame. At times I have put foods in the wrong pan so that I am able to get the food in
the refrigerator. Most restaurants require you to put food in 2"inch pans so that the food cools down
the proper way.
I know why it is so important to follow the guides that they set out for the food to be
prepared a certain way and chilled a certain way. A example of real out breaks that have happened in
the United States from 1998 to 2010 the illness that were reported were a total of 15,208 people, 83
people were reported to be hospitalized, and a total of 8 deaths. For the food industry it broke the
numbers down to 19% were from catering, 16% were from private homes, and 11% were from
prison and jails. I know that is scary first hand because I just did four years in prison. I worked in the
kitchen and some of the meat products we received were soy products and then on special occasions
we would get like chicken and beef but no pork products. I can see the prisons being at the top of the
list because of the carelessness that some of the cooks had inside of the prison. There attitudes were
that were we were inmates so who cares. (Foodborne Path Dis. ).
The clinical...

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