Influence Letter

Influence Letter

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 Michelle Banks
123 Any Street
Any City, Any State 12345

February 23, 2016

Thomasina Jeffreys
321 Any Street
Any City, Any State 12345

Dear Thomasina:

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your continued unconditional love that you have bestowed upon me and my children. Although mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally, you go above and beyond that every day. While giving up your life’s dreams and goals to follow me down the path that this Navy career has taken me, you did it all without a single complaint and/or regret. First, I will explain how you demonstrate all four categories of love. Then I will share some quotes that remind me of you and your love. Finally, I will conclude this letter with a poem that I wrote just for you.
When I was looking up the definition of unconditional love, I came across four categories of love. Your unconditional love demonstrates each category listed below:
1. Agape Love – This is love by choice. You choose to love me through thick
and thin, even when I’m wrong.

2. Philia Love – This is brotherly love. Though I am your daughter, over the
years we have become more like friends.

3. Storge Love – This is family love and affection. Your love for my kids and I
is astounding!! Strong love keeps the family united.

4. Eros Love – This is sexual desire. If it had not been for that love you had for
dad when you two created me, I would not be here.

Of all the different types of love, you exhibit Storge love the most. You are always hugging and kissing us. You...

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