Influential Components of Politics

Influential Components of Politics

1. Discuss separately why race, gender, age, and education are such significant components in politics. Provide examples from the book to justify your discussion.

Race, always a political gender, and age are contributing factors.
Genders are important in American politics women and are now in position that was only held by men.
Age is important to politics for two reasons lifecycle and generational effects. Life cycle effects have shown that as people become middle-aged, they become more politically conservative, less mobile and more likely to participate in politics. Generational effects in politics arise when a particular generation has had experiences that make it politically distinct. For example, for those who lived through it, the Great Depression of the 1930s shaped their lifelong views of political parties, issues, and political leaders.1
Education is one of the most important variables in predicting political participation, confidence in dealing with government, and awareness of issues.

2. Discuss the following interest groups: economic, ideological, public (not to be confused with public sector interest groups), and foreign policy. Be sure to provide examples of each type in your discussion along with your elaboration as to why interest groups can be both good and bad.

Economic Interest Group with a primarily economic focus include business and trade associations such as agriculture, consumers, plumbers, the airplane industry, landlords, truckers, bondholders, and property owners. Some economic "groups" consist of a single member, generally a large corporation such as Union Pacific or General Motors (and, presumably, its employees). For instance, an economic interest group dedicated to improving farming standards will fight for the general goal of improving farming for every farmer, even those who are not members of that particular interest group. So there is no real incentive to join an interest group and pay dues if...

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