Info About Dbsk

Info About Dbsk

Dong Bang Shin Ki: Secrets that you would want to know!

Which member likes to stay in bed not wanting to get up?

Xiah: Although the youngest, but woke up the latest.

Hero: And also it's very hard to wake him up.

U-Know: It's a scary thing to wake him up.

Max: I admit it's me.

Micky: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.

Which member loves to 'seduce'?

Hero: Jun Su

Xiah: No, it's not that now.

Max: Then who is it?

Xiah: Ok, I admit it's me.

U-Know: When JunSu covers his face with his hands and shows a shy smile, it's very cute!

Which member do you like to become?

Micky: Want to become YunHo, because he's very manly

Max: All the others are fantastic, except me who am not good, so I like to become any four of them except me.

Xiah: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.

What are some of the things that you've bought frequently?

Yunho: CDs

JJ: Cap, accessories and pants.

Micky: Books

Junsu: CDs

Max: Books

Which body part are you satisfied with?

Yunho: Nose and shoulder

JaeJoong: Chest

Micky: Forehead

Junsu: my third rib bone and the seventh backbone.

Max: Eyes

What are something that makes you "feminine" in some ways?

Yunho: When I got something that I wanted badly, I would treasure it for a long time.

JJ: When I give all my love and when I want to care and show concern for the other party.

Micky: I'm attractive. (Me: LMAO! WOW!)

Junsu: I'm not woman in any way.

Max: Doing something I'm interested in, I would be cautious.

Would you go swimming during summer?

Junsu: Changmin is very good at swimming

Changmin: No.

Micky: It's frog swim some more! (Me: I have no idea what he means! O_o?)

Yunho: Changmin can dive around 10 meters, he's hardworking!

Changmin: No, I never dive that deep, I know a bit only (so humble)

Yunho: He can swim butterfly style too. Though he's the youngest, but he's the tallest.

Micky: Is butterfly style related...

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