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2014 NYJC JC1 GP
Term 1/2 Independent Research Assignment
To foster collaborative learning
To develop research and evaluative skills which can be applied to Paper 1 and the Application Question in Paper 2

Skill focus:
To research, select, organize and present information in support of an agenda of public concern via an infographic.

Task Requirements:
Collaborative Component:
In a group comprising no more than five (5) members, produce an infographic given the following scenario:
The group will represent its choice of one Singapore government Ministry (a complete listing can be found at OR Statutory Board (same url except cat=2).
The group will identify one major challenge the chosen Ministry or Statutory Board is currently dealing with.
The group will research relevant facts and statistics from authoritative sources and design an infographic explaining the situation to the concerned public.
The purpose of the infographic is to help the viewer evaluate the current situation in order to advocate public cooperation in coping with the challenge.
The infographic should be self-explanatory as no other supporting material will be accompanying it. As such, the infographic may contain no more than 300 words of paragraphed text, not counting labels and simple single-sentence captions for charts, graphs, tables, or other graphic organizers that may be included in the infographic.
Sources of researched information should be clearly listed and are also not included in the word count.

Self-Directed component:
While the infographic represents a collaboration of the efforts of the entire team, each individual team member will be in charge of a specific aspect of the production. These are some guidelines on the roles that you may take:
Chief Writer – Organizes and sequences the information to be presented, writes the main text, ensures quality of writing for the final product.
Creative Director –...

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