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Type of Speech: Demonstration of Magic

Purpose: To demonstrate a card trick and teach the audience how to do it themselves.

I. Introduction
a. Pull out the deck of cards: What’s your first thought regarding Magic? Mention both aspects of magic: good/bad.
b. Card tricks (known as card manipulation) use an illusion, based off of “sleight of hand techniques” (which will be explained at the end)
c. How to do a basic card trick: Four Aces
d. I’m going to demonstrate the three important parts of a magic trick: the pledge, turn, and prestige.
II. The Pledge
* Ordinary object-deck of cards
* Shuffle the deck, explain what will happen
Next, I will have [insert audience name] cut the deck into two groups and again into two more groups.
III. The Turn
* Cut the deck into two groups, then cut into four total groups/piles
* The deck, more importantly the four aces

Finally, I will have [insert audience name] help me find the ACES.
IV. The Prestige
* Take each pile and count three cards, place them on the bottom. Place one card on the three remaining piles. Repeat for all piles/groups
* Turn over the top card for each pile, ACE of clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts
V. Trick explained and technique that was used.
VI. Conclusion
e. I’ve now explained the three important parts of a magic trick. The Pledge, take an ordinary object which was the deck of cards, the Turn, take the ordinary object and make it extraordinary, shuffling the deck, and the Prestige, make the object reappear, flipping over all the Ace cards. This was a false shuffling technique
f. “Now you can demonstrate the trick in front of peers”
Citations: The Prestige (film), screenplay by Jonathon and Christopher Nolan.

Visual Aids: Deck of cards and a member from the audience.

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