Information About Bank Security Management

Information About Bank Security Management

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Question 1
If our bank introduces biometric technology for security, the level of security will improve and our customer will be satisfied with the result and more trust our information security. Also, it will have a positive effect on growth of our bank naturally. According to your requirement, I will show you the pros and cons of voice recognition and finger printing. You can refer to a below table.
[Biometric technology : the future of identity assurance and authentication in the lodging
Industry, Leonard A. Jackson Rosen College of Hospitality Management]
1. Pros of finger printing.
① Finger printing requires relatively moderate price.
Our bank has a lot of teller machines. Actually, installing fingerprint scanners to all ATM is very costly. However, when we choose other biometric technology instead of fingerprint, we will have to endure more expensive costs.
② Users less draw unwelcome attention comparatively.
Among biometric technologies, fingerprint is already used in places such as door of home and school. Hence, people are accustomed to using fingerprint recognition.

③ Fingerprint has high uniqueness.
Everyone has a different fingerprint. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. Therefore, individual information with fingerprints cannot be overlapped. It decreases errors and increases information security.

④ Fingerprint has little change.
A person is born with a certain fingerprint. As he or she grows up, the size of fingerprint becomes larger, but the shape of that has little change. After he or she becomes an adult physically, a change affecting fingerprint recognition does not occur naturally. As fingerprint is collected only one time, it continues to be used during lifetime

2. Cons of finger printing
1. Fingerprints are easy to copy
We always use our hands and leave our fingerprints everywhere. Just holding a cup can make a...

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