Information about Transplants

Information about Transplants

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Who can be an organ or tissue donor? Anyone can be a donor, as long as they are in good health and clear of defined chronic diseases that might negatively affect the recipient.

Can I be a donor if I have an existing medical condition? 
Having a medical condition does not necessarily prevent you from becoming an organ donor. Medical professionals will decide what organs can be transplanted.

Why do I need to discuss becoming a donor with my family? 
After death, your organs cannot be removed for transplantation unless your family gives their permission. The removal of organs or tissue without consent is protected by the Human Tissue Act, no 65 of 1983 (as amended).

Can I agree to donate only some organs or tissue and not others? 
Yes. Please inform your family which organs or tissue you do not wish to donate.

How long after death do the organs or tissue have to be removed? 
To ensure successful transplantation, it is essential that organs or tissue are removed as soon as possible after the donor is declared brain death. Two independent doctors must certify that the donor is brain dead.

Does it cost anything to become an organ or tissue donor? 
No, there is no cost to your or your family.

Does my family pay for the cost of donation?
No, the hospital or state will cover all medical expenses from the moment that two independent doctors declare you brain dead and your family gives their consent for the removal of organs or tissue.

Does my family receive compensation for donating my organs? 
No. Organ donation is a gift from you.

Can people buy or sell organs and tissue? 
No. Organ donation is a gift of life from one family to another. Trading in organs and tissue is illegal.

Can I donate an organ or tissue while I am alive? 
Yes, in some cases. Live donations, such as a kidney and part of a liver are often done between family members who have compatible blood groups and tissue types, which ensure a high success rate. You can also donate bone...

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