information system

information system

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Management Information Systems
Final Exam Comprehensive questions

Please type the questions and the ONLY correct answers, using Microsoft word and save on your USB and bring to class on Final Day.

►6-20. Explain how the explosive growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has spawned a host of new telecommunications products, services, and providers. And How it is affected the business communities?

The World Wide Web has given us a way to communicate with others across the world that we would not have spoke with otherwise we now have VOIP, Skype and other communication tools like that at the touch of our finger tips. With business we able to see and communicate with our employees/employers at will and also multiple people can work on the same project make changes talk without being in the same room like how google docs have the ability for multiple people to write on a document

6.32. ►What are the major future trend in telecommunications is toward a greater number of competitive vendors, services, Internet technologies?

The challenges would be security encryption of the data that is being sent and receive the high cost of RFID and a poor economy are just some of the few things thought would hinder competitive vendors.

6-160. What are (is) the biggest advantage of fiber optics in telecommunications networks is:

D) Security advantage as fiber optics are difficult to splice when making connections.

6-166. An electronic device which lets a single high speed communication channel carry simultaneous data transmission from terminals on low speed channels is called a(n):

D) Multiplexer.

6-173. In a telecommunications network, the functions of telecommunications software include:

C) Queuing of transmission requests.

6-176. In a telecommunications network, the functions of telecommunications software include:

D) Both A and B are correct.

6- 190. The Internet's protocol suite is known as:
A) TCP/IP...

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