Information Systems Proposal

Information Systems Proposal

Information Systems Proposal

William Rigney

XBIX 220
Michael Peterson




Information systems



Nostalgia Music is a store that offers customers the resources to find and purchase rare or outdated recordings. We have hundreds of suppliers that specialize in outmoded media such as reel-to-reel tapes, 8-track cassettes, vinyl, cassette tapes, and even out of print CDs. With our interactive software, customers are able to research archives, sample and purchase single songs or entire albums to any device, and transfer these files to a computer.

For the store to operate efficiently, there are a variety of information systems that can support the store in functional areas:
Activity reports
Tracing credit card sales
Maintaining the stores’ budget

Information Systems
Table 1.1 will explain the benefits of information systems and the way we can apply them to our store.
Management information systems
Summarized reports from transaction data.
Individual customer sales reports.
Functional area IS
Supports activities in a specific area.
Payroll processing
Expert system
Decision making processing.
Credit card approval analysis.
Electronic commerce system
Transactions between organizations and between organizations and customers.
Decision support system
Access to data and analysis tools.
Gives a “what-if” for budget changes.

These information systems will give us valuable data to help the company function in a proficient manner. Negative aspects of these information systems are minimal, and include detailed training in ways to apply all of these programs to the best of their advantages.

Overview summary

Management Information Systems are systems that comprise technology, information, and empolyees for fair pricing or other issues.

The Functional Area Information System is a group of smaller systems that are...

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