Information Systems

Information Systems

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Information System '' Human Resource System

Name: Jack Liu

Teacher: Mr Spiers

The purpose of this report is for the future year 11 IPT students, it will explore the needs of Information System in our world today. The report will talk briefly about what Information System (IS) is then explaining the different types of Information System that currently exist and how they are been used, then a chosen specific field Human Resource System will be carefully examined and showing the importance of it in business and how people rely on it in the world today.

IS '' Information System
What is I.S.? I.S. is the abbreviation for information system, information system is an organized collection, storage, and presentation system of data and other knowledge for decision making, progress reporting, and for planning and evaluation of programs. It can be either manual or computerized, or a combination of both. It is used in the world today to store information that a company need to run, it saves time. It also is a combination of database, human and technical resources that together with the appropriate organization skills produce information needed to support certain economic activity, management of resources and/or decision-making procedures. Some people know IS as an electronic system for creating, generating, sending, receiving, storing, displaying, and processing information.

There are many branches in information system, those includes:
➢ Transaction Processing System
➢ Finance and Accounting System
➢ Manufacturing Production System
➢ Sales and Marketing System
➢ Human Resource System

Transaction Processing System
Transaction Processing Systems are one of the main Information System that plays a vital role in today’s world. It is the core of information systems impact on the public. They are the public's contact with IS in stores, banks and at work for the millions of white collar workers. Without it many people will lose jobs or...

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