information systems

information systems

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Individual Coursework Assessment Guidance

This document provides hints and tips of what your tutors will be looking for and should be read in conjunction with the actual assignment brief, from you module learning scheme (green booklet) and with advise from your seminar tutor.

1). Information requirements at Operational, Tactical and Strategic levels etc.

In this section you should be looking at the information needs of the business/organisation/function at the three levels of decision making. A good depth of analysis of the needs is essential to gain good marks here and there should be a focus towards the core activities i.e. the 'adding value' activities over the secondary supporting activities. Naturally the information from the core activities will help to make decisions in other parts of the business as well as in the specific function if this is your focus - think about marketing and HRM as examples.

This is where some primary, as well as secondary, research would help you - as one example, consider how you, if you were a customer would interact with the business/organisation/function and what information would be required.


2). Identify relevant IT based Information Systems which help to achieve the above

Primary research again would help you to see what systems are available and in use in your chosen function/business/organisation or market sector and possibly where they obtained them from (systems vendors, developers etc.), although Internet research e.g. Google ………Information Systems will find a range of IS options and the vendors (who have been regularly talked about in the lectures). Alternatively go to the vendor's websites and work forwards - what can they offer and how do they help to provide the information requirements from the previous section.

You should identify relevant additional systems where appropriate that are application specific or help the business to technically...

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