Information Technology Survey

Information Technology Survey

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Information Technology and Occupational Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to complete this short survey for my school assignment, and to use with my final project.

The resulting accumulation of information from this survey will be used to analyze whether or not a persons age, prior education, and occupation play a part in how different people might consider, or want to learn more about the area of interest. The information will also help in illustrating an individual’s reluctance as well as maybe an eagerness to learn more about the IT field.

All the information you provide us on this survey will be totally anonymous, and will be used to compose my summary, and finish my assignment. So, please don’t include your name or any other personal information.

If anyone has any further questions or needs to get a hold of me my number is ???-???-???? Or email me at:

Please, mark one box only for each of the survey questions.

How old will you be turning this year?
□ 18-25
□ 25-35
□ 35-45
□ 45-55
□ 60 and above

What is your gender?

□ Male
□ Female

Are you working at the moment, and if not then which most applies to you?

□ I am employed
□ I am laid off and seeking employment
□ I am unemployed and I am not seeking a job

Have you ever considered a future working in the Information Technology field, and how comfortable are you with computers? □ Yes / □ No

□ I feel above average working with computers
□ I feel I can keep up with most people around me
□ I sometimes just manage to get by
□ I have never used one

If given the chance would you be willing to take some classes through the week to better familiarize yourself with Information Technology?

□ I would be unwilling
□ It sparks my interest
□ I would be willing if I found the time
□ I would be most willing

What is your highest level of education?

□ High School Diploma or GED
□ Some College
□ Associates

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