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Information technology

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Masters in Mathematics for Educators
MME 562
Winter 2006
Arithmetic Applications
with Solutions
Master File
last updated June 22 ,2006
thanks to everyone who worked on this: the teachers in MME 562 (MCAS, Math and Middle Schools), Mike and Dan True, Larry Turner, and Laura Robinson.
(243 total problems)

1. Each sheet in a roll of toilet paper measure 4.8 inches by 2.2 inches. There are 1000 sheets in the roll. The radius of the entire roll of toilet paper is 3 inches. The radius of the hollow cylinder in the middle is 0.8 inches. What is the volume of the toilet paper (not including the hollow cylinder in the middle)? What is the thickness of each sheet of paper?
Volume = 38.36pi
2. The size of a one dollar bill is 6 inches by 2 inches by 0.010 inches thick. About what size room would you need to fit 1,000,000,000,000 dollar bills?
1000 inches by 1000 inches by 1000 inches

3. Mr. Scharman invested half his money in land, a tenth of his money in stocks and a twentieth of his money in bonds. He put the remaining $35,000 in a savings account. What is the total amount of money that Mr. Fairbanks has invested in all these investments?

4. The formula for slugging average is:
((No. of singles)+2×(No. of doubles)+3×(No. of triples)+ 4×No. of homeruns))÷Number of official at bats, or

a. Babe Ruth owns six of the top-10 all-time highest slugging averages for a year: In 1920, he set the record for highest slugging average for a season ever when he hit 54 home runs, 9 triples, 36 doubles, and 73 singles in his 458 at-bats. What was his slugging average in this historic season?
b. In 1947, John Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson broke the color barrier in the major leagues. Despite the pressures of the season, Robinson rapped out 175 hits and batted .297. How many at-bats did he have?
589 at bats

5. Ryan has a computer in his car that tells him how far he has gone on a trip, how many gallons...

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