Information Tecnology Milstones

Information Tecnology Milstones

Software for Human Service Organizations

BSHS 355
October, 2014
University of Phoenix

Technology is changing our lives; technology has dramatically changed our lives in the last 40 years. Technology is benefitting us all, and many fields depend on it and the human service field is not an exception. Thanks to the good use of technology the human service field has become more efficient, saving time and money to health service agencies and patient’s alike. A few decades ago patient’s medical records were kept in boxes; some of them were copied on microfilm. This ways of storing the information made retracting it to be costly and tedious. Then computers appeared on the face of the earth, and they came with different software programs, and it was easier to store information. Software companies began to write programs to help the human service field. Human service organizations that have integrated this software application will see an improvement in response times and the way medical records are shared. The decision of which software program to use will depend on two things first the organization’s size and secondly the organization’s field. Among those many software programs created are TeleTrack and ClienTrack.

There are many benefits to centralizing patient’s health information using software programs like ClientTrack. Imputing information into a computer takes time, creating spread sheets takes time. This software efficiency rests on the simplicity of the program interface; it allows office staff to improve their daily operations and maximize their time. This program facilitates the transfer and sharing of information across many platforms or agencies. In the human service field, it is crucial to comply with State and Federal regulations and ClientTrack provides the necessary reports demonstrating compliance with State and Federal regulations. This software will update itself every time there are changes in laws...

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