Informative Speech on Drumming

Informative Speech on Drumming

Paul Tseng


COM 1321

Debbie Pope

Informative Speech

You know that beat of a song that you just have to tap your foot to? Maybe even start to knock your hand against a table or chair? Such a beat that it brings out the always classic head bob. If you don’t know already,the source of this beat is the drums. Although a very simple instrument,no amateur can step up and play any song. The drums have been around for centuries as the backbone of music, and the main reason for musical growth when an expert gets behind the drum sticks. This evening I will discuss with you the backbone of music incorporating drum styles, personal drumming experience, and other famous drummers.
There has never been only one style or interpretation of drums. From centuries ago when tribes used drums to bless or curse gods and even people, to today where you can find a set in a good percentage of basements and garages. Drum techniques vary to keep up with the growing age of music. “Our very first instruments were jus plain sticks and stones”, said Charles White, author of Drums Through the Ages (White 19). The desire to beat, shake, and scrape the many primitive instruments invented my early mankind, led to the development of the first instruments of percussion. Drums have been used to conduct rituals in various countries around the world. In some places, drums were considered sacred and an invention of the gods. It was a trade to be able to craft a drum out of wood and animal skin and people gathered in confined places just to hear the first beat of a new drum. In the book, The History of Musical Instruments, by Curt Sachs states that in East Africa coronation drums must be struck with sticks made of human bones. Many years later other instruments were involved, and simple noises became music. From drum styles such as funk, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, latin, rock, indie, etc are just some of the spur offs of the beginning. It was also said to myself...

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