Informative Speech - Online Shopping Safety

Informative Speech - Online Shopping Safety

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Online Shopping Safety

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To educate my listeners on the do’s and don’ts while shopping online to ensure their financial safety.
CENTRAL IDEA: Shopping online can be done safely as long as you follow some essential rules.

The Holiday season is officially here! Are you going shop online? There are many people who shop online and have done so for several years without incident. Considering all the internet transactions that take place, various studies suggest that the percentage of those that are fraudulent are actually very small. Nonetheless, it only takes one time to put your financial world into a tale spin. Today, I hope to empower you with some knowledge of what you can do to reduce the likelihood of being a target of fraud while shopping online this holiday season. I’m going to give you tips on where to shop safely, what to look for, things about the computer your going to use to do your shopping and finally tips on purchasing things on the internet.

So, Let’s get started!

I. Let’s first discuss where to shop safely.
A. You want to stick to the retailers that you know
1. Go directly to the retailer’s website. Avoid clicking on links from other pages that you think are going to take you there.
2. Beware of any misspellings on the domain address of the page.
B. When in doubt, check them out!! There are several ways that you can check this.
1. Is it a secure site?
a. Sites are secure through a process of encryption, which is the technology that scrambles sensitive information (like your credit card #) so that only the designated merchant can read it.
b. Look at the website’s address and make sure that the address starts with HTTPS or that the padlock is closed on your browser when you are entering your financial information.
2. Additional security verifications are done through 3rd party companies.
c. BBB and Truste are most recognized...

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