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The Indian IT industry is in a transition phase. The industry is evolving in terms of service offerings, delivery models, and market reach. This report analyzes the major segments in the Indian IT industry that have seen rapid sales growth. It attempts to look into the issues surrounding the industry. It also profiles the major players in the IT market.

Technology factor of infosys
Satyam Infosys is very appropriate at this juncture. This well known company was once associated with an industry totally unrelated to information technology. It was formally involved in the construction business. However, the trends indicated that IT was ripe for investment and thus ensure the foray into IT from construction and Satyam Infosys was the thus the first private Internet Service Provider in India. The government was embracing IT in a big way and the environment in India was conducive to investment in IT industry. These factors prompted the switch and it seems to have been judicious. (Technology has become a paramount factor for organizations. Collating, storing, analyzing information has become technology based. Changes in the technological environment is ubiquitous and continuous. A firm has to decide on how to embrace technology to improve operations and at the same time keep a watch at substitute products emanating from new technology. One does not only have to view the technological environment pertaining to the industry in which he is in. technology can throw up opportunities and threats in a multitude of ways.)
SWOT analysis on infosys technology limited
Infosys Technologies Limited

Top management
The top management headed by the chairman and CEO Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy who was recently named as Businessman of the Year ’99 by Business India. He, alongwith six others had started this company and since the beginning, he had the vision to reach for the stars. He chose to focus on the U.S. for two reasons, there was no market in...

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