Infuences the Diffrent Stakeholders Can Have on Both Organisation

Infuences the Diffrent Stakeholders Can Have on Both Organisation

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Recruitment and Selection Information booklet

Name of organization: Lincoln College

Name: Lincoln College

Assignment number: 2- P1

Hand in Date: 26.09.2008

Tutor: Julia Law


Page 1- font cover

Page 2 – contents

Page 3 – introduction

Page 4- flow chart of recruitment procedure

Page 5 – brief description of the main stage in the recruitment process

Page 6 – brief description of the retention process

Page 7 – brief description of the recruitment process

Page 8 – Conclusion


Staff recruitment can be times overwhelming and also as expensive activity. It is therefore important to get it right for first time whenever it is possible. That is the reason why it is important to be clear about the type of people the organization would like to employ.

The pu5rpose of this booklet is to give and help new personnel staff at Lincoln College about the recruitment process. It will also tell you why it is important to recruit right person for the right job that is available.

Flow chart

Recruitment planning

Recruitment Process


Recruitment procedure

Checklist- This is a document of evidence that shows that there is no internal vacancy to do.

Job analysis- This is a based on employment examines what the business requires from a current job. This could be done by observing someone on the job.

Post request from- it is a request form to the manager to what is needed.

Job description- this is a document that gives all the description about the job that needs to be filled. This is actually used by potential applicants who wish to know exactly what will be expected of them in the new job.

Personal Specification- this document identifies the skills and experiences and personality traits that will be needed to do the job well. Manager will compare candidate against these documents during the selection process to find the applicant who fits the...

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