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Of Mice And Men Essay

Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ emphasises the key themes of loneliness, survival and futile dreams. George did the humane thing in shooting Lennie. Whilst Lennie was a burden to George, it’s his responsibility as his caretaker and friend to look after him. George was caring for his friend Lennie by ending his life, as Curley would have made it a slow and painful death. Lastly, even though murder in general is not right, George killed Lennie in a way that he could die free of fear and with dignity.

Whilst Lennie is a burden to George, it’s his responsibility as his caretaker to look after him no matter what. Lennie “can’t keep a job” and loses “every job {George} get{s}.” When George says, “ When I think of the swell time I could have without you” to Lennie it shows how at times George wishes Lennie was there. George thinks about how he could keep a job for long enough to make some money and save for a place of his own, but he can’t do this because of Lennie. Despite this George “wants {Lennie} to stay” because he enjoys his company and its his responsibility to care for him. George shoots Lennie because there was nothing left for him. George saw it as the best thing for Lennie, as now he is somewhere happy, where he if free to do what he wants. George killed him to save him from what was coming, the painful and slow death at the hands of Curley. Despite the fact that George took Lennie’s life, he did the humane thing by saving Lennie from the oncoming torture and sending him to a place free of fear and full of happiness.

George was caring for his friend Lennie by killing him quickly as Curley would have made it a painful and slow death. “ Guys like us got no family”, that’s what makes them different. They care for each other. They wanted to “live off the fatta the lan” together, and “tend the rabbits”. George didn’t want Lennie to die running; he wanted him to die with honour and dignity. He knew that Lennie’s days were...

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