Initial Counseling

Initial Counseling

11 AUG 2008
The following are the standards set forth in the initial counseling:

ACCOUNTABLITY: Accountability must be maintained at all times. Always let your squad leader or team leader know where you are. In lieu of this, a sign-in roster may be used. All equipment must be accounted for at all times. Sensitive items, ammunition, and demolition materials must be tracked to assist in the accountability of these items.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT: Every piece of military equipment has a manual that outlines the Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services of that particular item. This manual will be used every time the maintenance is conducted.

APFT: As soldiers, we are expected to be physically and mentally fit. We must be able to go miles on end to reach our objective and accomplish our mission. You are expected to score at the minimum 70 points in each event, for a total of 210 points overall. Soldiers are expected to meet the height and weight standards set by the army. If the height and weight standards cannot be met, the soldier must meet the body fat standards. A soldier can be forced to take a tape test to ensure that he is within the body fat percent standards if they present an appearance that is judged by their chain of command to be “sloppy” or in violation of the height and weight standards.

FORMATIONS: It is ever soldier's responsibility to make sure that he/she is at formation at the proper place and time and in the correct uniform. All soldiers will be at the formation area 10 minutes prior to the formation. This is to compensate for any last minute changes that may come prior to formation. Team leaders will be at the formation area 15 minutes prior for last minute information and to check and inspect their team for accountability.

PERSONNEL/PERSONAL AFFAIRS: Personnel affairs are those that deal with the interaction of the soldier and the Amy. Pay, leave...

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