Initiating the Recruitment Process

Initiating the Recruitment Process

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Getting the Right People
In this Section:
Develop selection criteria for the position
Choosing your methods of recruitment
Initiating the recruitment process

Develop selection criteria for the position

Based on the job description for the position, develop the criteria that will be used to screen resumes and select the best person for the job.

Consider the following:
What skills are essential to the position?
How will you ensure the new employee fits the culture of your organization?
How will you make certain that your criteria are not discriminatory?
How will you ensure that your criteria are specific, measurable and job-related?

Develop a checklist to guide the recruitment and selection process for your organization. See the HR Toolkit's Recruitment Checklist (DOC 3099KB)

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Choosing your methods of recruitment

When deciding what method of recruitment to use, think about where your employees currently come from. Do most of your current employees come from colleges or universities? Do they come from other voluntary and non-profit sector organizations? Do they come from your volunteer base? Assessing where potential applicants usually come from can help you choose the best methods of recruitment for the position.

A good recruitment plan includes a mix of recruitment strategies.

Internal recruitment

Existing employees and volunteers have the opportunity to apply for a new job opening.

Rewards the employee/volunteer for past performance
Gives the employee/volunteer an opportunity for career development
Retains the organization's investment in the employee/volunteer
Reduces the amount of time necessary to orient the person to the new position
Reduces the costs of recruitment
Provides a limited number of people to select from
Reduces the opportunity for increasing diversity within your organization

Employee referrals

Employees recommend a person for the job opening....

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